Mental Health

National Mental Health Resources

National Resources for the Bleeding Disorders Community:

  • Hemophilia Federation of America’s Mental Health Resources. General national mental health resources, crisis hotlines, specific mental health resources for the bleeding disorder community, and supportive information for various groups of individuals, including; BIPOC, caregivers, self-care, and COVID-19 specific mental health care.
  • The Emotional and Psychological impact of Living with a Bleeding Disorder. (From the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Steps for Living).
  • Bloodstream Podcast. Bringing education and inspiration to those living with rare and chronic diseases.
  • Just Got Diagnosed. Resources for individuals recently diagnosed with chronic and catastrophic medical conditions, their caregivers, and loved ones. Information provided by Dr. Gary McClain, a recent NEHA presenter who is a recognized expert in understanding the emotional reactions to medical diagnosis.
  • Mental Health Matters Too. List of national mental health hotlines, information for mental health care & bleeding disorder resources, apps & suggested reading, etc.

General Resources to Find Therapist:

We would like to thank NEHA for putting this together.