Hemophilia Treatment Centers

There are approximately 141 hemophilia treatment centers in the United States that offer comprehensive medical care to people with coagulation disorders. The concept of a Hemophilia Treatment Center is having one facility where comprehensive hemophilia care takes place. Care providers treat the whole person and are a great resource to both the patient and their family. They look at every aspect of care including physical, emotional, psychological, educational, financial, and vocational needs. Members of the care provider team include:

  • Hematologists – physicians specializing in blood disorders
  • Nurses – medical specialists in hemophilia care
  • Social Workers -specialists who assist with the issues of daily living, such as adjusting to hemophilia and locating resources for insurance or financial needs
  • Physical Therapists – specialists in activity, exercise, and rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic Specialist – physician specializing in disorders of the bones and joints

The John Bouhasin Center for Children with Bleeding Disorders

Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
St. Louis University Department of Pediatrics
1465 South Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63104

HTC 734, Great Plains Region

Phone: (314) 577-5638

After Hours: (314) 577-5600 Request the Hemophilia doctor on call to be paged

John Puetz, MD and Chris Hugge, MD – Pediatric Hematologists
Lydia Johnson, RN, BSN – Nurse Coordinator
Mary Kay Brasken, MSW, LCSW – Social Worker
Pamela Miller, PT – Physical Therapist
Makeda Bingham– Data Manager/Administrative Assistant

Saint Louis University Center for Bleeding and Thrombotic Disorders

Hemophilia Treatment Center, Adult Program
St. Louis University Hospital – West Pavilion
3655 Vista Avenue, 2nd Floor
St. Louis, MO 63110

HTC 735, Great Plains Region

Clinic Phone: (314) 617-3640

After Hours: (314) 257-8000 Ask the hospital operator to immediately page the Hematologist on-call.

John Richart, MD – Medical Director
Hailey Barron, NP Nurse Practitioner
Heather Ziegerer, RN – Nurse Coordinator
Laura Herman, PT – Physical Therapist
Sarah Bencini, MSW – Social Worker
Matt Heaton, Hemophilia Coordinator

St. Louis University HTC

St. Louis Children’s Hospital/Washington University Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders-Pediatric Program

One Children’s Place

St. Louis, MO 63110

HTC 738, Great Plains Region

Phone: (314)454-6018 Fax: 844-621-4392

After Hours: (314) 454-6000 Ask for hematologist/resident on call


Surbhi Saini, MBBS – Pediatric Hematologist (Medical Director)
David Wilson, MD, PhD – Pediatric Hematologist
Melanie Fields, MD – Pediatric Hematologist
Irem Eldem, MD – Pediatric Hematologist
Marie Turner, PNP – Nurse Practitioner
Angie Kaminski, RN, BSN – Pediatric Nurse
Makenzie Sledd, Physical Therapist
Darcie Klein, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist
Sophie Mauk, MSW – Social Worker
Susan Pardeshi RN, BSN – Program Coordinator

Washington University Center for Bleeding & Blood Clotting Disorders-Adult Program

660 South Euclid Avenue   MCS 8125-22-1101
St. Louis, MO 63110

HTC 737, Great Plains Region

Phone: (314) 362-8814 Fax: (314) 696-1391

After Hours: (314) 362-1242 Ask for hematologist/resident on call

Appointment Line: (314) 362-7216 *Be sure to specify that a hemophilia appointment is needed so that you are scheduled in the comprehensive bleeding disorder clinic

New referrals:  Phone (314) 273-1388  Fax (888)869-4437


Elaine Majerus, MD, PhD – HTC Medical Director

Morey Blinder, MD – Hematologist

Susan Pardeshi, RN, BSN – Bleeding Disorder Program Coordinator

Lauren Brewer, FNP-BC –  Nurse Practitioner

Lynn Golec, APRN- Nurse Practitioner

Ruth Geronsin, BSN, RN- Nurse Coordinator

Jaclyn Jump, BSN, RN – Nurse Coordinator

Anne Merritt, BSN, RN – Nurse Coordinator

Katy Morgan,  BSN, RN – Nurse Coordinator

Makenzie Sledd, MPT-   Physical Therapist

Andrew Robinson, MSW, LCSW- Social Worker

Sabrina Barber- Clinical Research Coordinator

Washington University HTC

Barnes-Jewish West County
Medical Office Building #2
10 Barnes West Dr., Ste. 200
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Center for Advanced Medicine
5201 Midamerica Plaza, Ste. 2300
St. Louis, MO 63129
Boone Hospital
1600 East Broadway
Columbia, MO 65201
Southern Illinois Healthcare Institute
1400 Pine Oak Drive
Carterville, IL 62918

Missouri Hemophilia Treatment Center

University of Missouri Health Care
400 N. Keene Street, Suite 111
Columbia, MO 65201

HTC 736, Great Plains Region

Phone: (573) 882-3961 Fax: (573) 884-4277

Pediatrics After Hours: (573) 882-4141. Ask for the pediatric hematologist on call

Barbara Gruner, MD – HTC Medical Director
Erin Gillespie, RN – Nurse Coordinator
Deana Bartholomew – Data Coordinator

Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Institute

427 W. Northmoor Road
Peoria, IL 61614

HTC 557, Region V (West)

Phone: (309) 692-5337 or (877) 335-2234 Fax: (309) 693-3913

Email: info@ilbcdi.org

After Hours: (309) 677-6085

Michael D. Tarantino, MD – CEO/CMO
Becky Burns – COO/CFO

Bleeding & Clotting Disorders Institute

If you need information about a Hemophilia Treatment Center in another area, please visit the Center for Disease Control’s web site: www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/hemophilia/HTC.html

Click here for tips on traveling

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