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Helping Hands Program

GHA’s Helping Hand’s Program exists for the sole purpose of providing emergency financial assistance to those persons who have been physically, emotionally, and financially affected by a blood coagulation disorder.

Program Goals

Through grants, fundraising, and direct gifts this program aims to:

  • Address quality of life issues
  • Assist in emergency crisis situations deemed reasonable by the Committee
  • Ensure that the application and assistance process is both minimally invasive and confidential

Program Criteria

  • Person with a bleeding disorder, or a person financially dependent on the head of a household of a person with a bleeding disorder
  • Living within the geographical service area of GHA (eastern MO or southern IL)
  • Funding shall not exceed $500 per calendar year per household
  • Amount approved may be based on availability of funds
  • Applicant must provide copies of bills, invoices or other documentation regarding the request. Funds will only be released for a specific, known emergency need
  • Applicants are eligible to apply for funds every other year or ONCE every 731 days. For example, a person who most recently applied for assistance in January 2022 will be eligible to apply for funds in January 2024.
  • Provide funding for emergency crisis and/or other medically necessary services or situations, related to the individual’s or family member’s bleeding disorder
  • The applicant must have a referral to the Helping Hands Program Coordinator from a Helping Hands Eligible Referrer, which could be from one of the following:
      • Physician, Nurse, or Social Worker from a Hemophilia Treatment Center
      • Private Physician
      • Representative from a National, Regional, State, or Local Bleeding Disorder Organization
      • Specialty Pharmacy Representative of the Applicant

The Committee will not base decision on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected characteristics.

Application Process

Any questions contact the GHA office at (314) 482-5973 or by email at

Helping Hands Application complete and return application to

Dental Application complete and return application to

Medic Alert Application Form GHA will pay for the first year of the Advantage (adult) or KidSmart (child) membership including a stainless steel ID and shipping and handling. Medic Alert will provide:

1.) Personalized basic stainless steel ID
2.) Personalized member emergency wallet card
3.) Printed personal health record summary
4.) 24 hour emergency response service
5.) 24 hour family notification service

Additional Resources

211 – local resources

Ameren- if you are having difficulty paying your bill, contact Customer Care or Illinois payment assistance page or Missouri payment assistance page to learn about your options. Customer Care: 800.755.5000 (IL) or 800.552.7583 (MO)

Accessia Helath patient assistance programs

Hemophilia Federation of America’s Assistance Program

HFA’s Job Readiness Grant – If you’re searching for a new job to advance your career, HFA’s Job Readiness Grant provides up to $1,000 for skills courses or certifications.

FundFinder – helps you quickly find financial assistance from charitable foundations – financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced cost help

Manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs

Missouri Medicaid Expansion help line for St. Louis City and St. Louis County

MO Vocational Rehabilitation

IL Vocational Rehabilitation

The Assistance Fund- access to the medications you need

Patient assistance programs

PAN Foundation – financial assistance with out of pocket treatment cost

PSI Patient Services Inc.  – assistance with medication, provides health insurance premium and copay assistance, navigating health insurance plans, and may give legal advice

Unemployment Services-MO click here

Unemployment Services-IL click here

Food Pantries

Find Your Local Food Bank.


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Gateway Hemophilia Association will co-host a FAB (Females And Bleeding Disorders) conference with Midwest Hemophilia Association, Nebraska Chapter of NHF, and Bleeding Disorders of the Heartland, for women 18 and older with a bleeding disorder, carriers, spouses of a person with a bleeding disorder, and parents of a person with a bleeding disorder. Parents must live in the same household. Attendees must be a member and live in GHA’s service area. The registration deadline was September 9, 2023. Contact with any questions.

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