GHA offers several programs to provide support for individuals and families. These range from support groups to programs that offer financial support and scholarships. For more information, contact Bridget Tyrey at

Heart II Heart


Heart II Heart (formerly Bleeding Hearts) is a compassionate group of women dedicated to providing support to women affected by bleeding disorders. Heart II Heart recognizes all women affected by bleeding disorders in our community, including but not limited to women with bleeding disorders, mothers, significant others, siblings, carriers, or children of a person with a bleeding disorder. We strive to support and educate all women in our community by gathering for fellowship, volunteering in the community, and sharing our resources.


Heart II Heart

Every WOMAN dreaming for a cure…

Believing, Learning, Encouraging
Every WOMAN dreaming for a cure

Nurturing, Sharing, Trusting
Every WOMAN dreaming for a cure

One WOMAN at a time…
…One heart at a time

Join us in the dream for a cure.

Heart II Heart

Men’s Group


It is our goal to provide an opportunity for the men in GHA’s bleeding disorder community to get together for fellowship, and to create an environment for open communication to educate and support one another through the challenges that come while living with a bleeding disorder. We welcome those individuals who have Hemophilia or von Willebrand disease, and the fathers of children with these disorders.

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Financial Assistance

The Helping Hands Program exists for the sole purpose of providing emergency financial assistance to those persons who have been physically, emotionally and financially affected by a blood coagulation disorder.

The mission of GHA’s Scholarship Program is to sponsor scholarships to aid and encourage post high-school education for students with hemophilia or a related bleeding disorder.

For more information on these programs, follow the links above or contact the office.


Click here to view a listing of patient assistance programs and other financial assistance resources

Click here to view a listing of state vocational rehabilitation programs to find employment resources for individuals with disabilities

Hope for Hemophilia