Join us for a fundraiser boot camp in honor of Bleeding Disorders Awareness month

If you’re a non-member: Text Gateway with your full name and email to (636) 251-3772 to reserve your spot in class.  16 Spots Available per class.

Cash donations are welcome and 100% of the proceeds stay local and support individuals and families who live with bleeding disorders through GHA.

Donations support:

  • Bleeding disorder summer camp (where kids as young as 7 learn to self-infuse), educational programming, medical and financial assistance, scholarships, research, advocacy

Bleeding disorders are life-threatening, debilitating, and expensive to treat. Failure to preventatively treat the disorder can result in prolonged painful bleeds that cause permanent and severe damage. Currently there is no cure.

“After hemophilia diagnosis and no family history as a guide we found deep comfort in the community and education we found with Gateway Hemophilia Association. We saw families that were adapting and thriving through hemophilia’s challenges and it gave us hope.”  –Stephanie, mother to Luke (age 5) living with Severe Hemophilia A.

Luke’s a hemo super hero as he adapts and adjusts to life’s challenges and never sits out on the sidelines. Help us celebrate Luke by taking one of these 3 actions:

– Make a straight donation to GHA by clicking here.

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