About Us


The Gateway Hemophilia Association is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to the advocacy, education and support of families affected by bleeding disorders.


Our organization was formed in 1969 as the Bi-State Hemophilia Association. In 1987 we changed our name to the Greater St. Louis Hemophilia Association, then in 1999 to the current name – Gateway Hemophilia Association. This name reflects what we are today: a gateway to information and resources for those with bleeding disorders. We serve families in eastern Missouri and southern Illinois. Click for a map of our Missouri service area and Illinois service area.

Some of our members have been around since the beginning; others are new to the Association. But we all share the common bonds of advocacy, activity and mutual support.

Why We Serve Them

Bleeding disorders are life-threatening, debilitating, and expensive to treat. A child with severe Hemophilia will spend over $200,000 annually to prevent bleeding. Some children and adults build up inhibitors to the treatment and the costs can exceed $1,000,000 per year. Failure to preventatively treat the disorder can result in prolonged, painful bleeds that cause permanent and severe damage. Access to affordable and adequate health care is critical to being a self-sufficient, contributing member of society.

The entire family is affected by the bleeding disorder physically, emotionally, and financially. With over 50 years of experience, we provide programs and services to people affected by bleeding disorders so that they can better cope and can become advocates for themselves and/or their family. We partner with Hemophilia Treatment Centers, other agencies, and medical professionals to provide programs and services unique to those with bleeding disorders to best meet their needs.

How We Serve Them?

The Gateway Hemophilia Association strives to meet the needs of those affected by a bleeding disorder through several programs and services. These include educational scholarships, emergency financial assistance, summer camp, Family Education Weekend, and support groups for men, women, teens, and new families.

Historical Journey of Bleeding Disorders

2018 Annual Report

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